Waterjet Cutting

Four years ago, Machinery Maintenance added waterjet cutting services to their repertoire.  Since then, the team has loved the new challenges and versatility it brings.  The waterjet has brought a new element to our projects allowing for material to be cut without interfering or harming intrinsic properties of said material.  The materials cut can range from composites to steel to alloys of all types.

Within our shop we can cut up to 12 inches, however, we recommend keeping material around 4-5” thick for these type of projects.  We have successfully cut mild steel, tool steel, aluminum, stainless, gasket, plastics, glass, tile, rubber, the list goes on.  The jet is run at 50,000 psi and holds a .005 tolerance.  Our services are often leveraged to make custom signage for restaurants, businesses, and sports arenas as well as the day to day use for material cutting for machine and fabrication shop projects.

Click on the waterjet for more information and photos in our detailed job showcase!

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