Rebabbitting of Bearings

Say that title three times!  There are million reasons why a bearing might fail.  It ranges from lack of lubrication, misalignment, overloading, general wear and tear, loss of bonding and the list goes on.  These bearings are essential to your ever day operation.  That’s why our machine shop is equipped to help repair your bearings in a timely, cost effective manner.  Babbitting is almost a lost art, but here at Machinery Maintenance, Inc. we have the skill and equipment to re-babbit bearings of any size.  Our machinist are skilled in babbitting and rebabbitting of thrust pads, crankshaft, rotar, pump, main bearings, etc. using a variety of techniques from hand bonding to casting.  Once babbit bearings are poured, we then machine to bearing diameters original tolerances.

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Re-Babbitting of Bearing