Boring and Bushing Services

If you’ve noticed a theme, you’re not alone!  Here, at Machinery Maintenance, Inc., we help our customers revitalize their expensive production equipment minimizing cost and downtime.  One such service is our boring and bushing capabilities.  Our 25,000 square foot shop is equipped with multiple lathes and mills both vertical and horizontal which allows for great versatility in jobs we can perform.  In the event the equipment is too large we also have the capabilities to go on site with our portable machining equipment.  Our machinists machine out impurities from damaged bores, boreweld using state of the art automated equipment, then re-machine back to original tolerances.

As you can see, our typical boring an bushing jobs are listed below however our teams at Machinery Maintenance and Valley Fabrication, a sister company, our equipped to handle all of your custom job shop needs.  Unsure of what you need done, call us for a walk-through.  We are more than happy to assess the situation and offer the best solution for your needs.

Typical Boring and Bushing Jobs

  • Arms
  • Links
  • Buckets
  • Center Pins
  • Millhouses

Typical Portable Applications

  • Loader Arms Buckets
  • Cradle Frames
  • Bearing Bores
  • Press Housings
  • On Site Milling
  • Keyway Cutting
boring and bushing of mill housing

Click on the photo for more details on our past boring and bushing jobs as well as many more!

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