We're Proud of the Work We Do!

Some of our favorite jobs over the past 45 years.


The Beginning


Employment Opportunities

Are you ready to join a fast growing, skills focused team?


The People

Machinery Maintenance believes that the people make the difference.  In keeping with this, we maintain long-term career opportunities, training and advancement from apprenticeship to supervisors!


Our maintenance machinists are continuously trained on safety measures.  All machinists are certified on both OSHA and MSHA regulations while also continuing to assure all management is up-to-date on best practices.


We are equipped to handle your most difficult jobs from fixtures and intricate replacement parts to heavy weldments and machine bases. We have the experience, personnel, and machinery to do the job efficiently and cost effectively.

The Customer

Our 45 years in business would not be possible without trust from our customers.  Our staff of skilled Maintenance Machinists, Machine Repairmen, Tool Makers, and Mold Makers provide you with 24/7 services.

Challenging Projects

Combined Machining and Welding

All Under One Roof.

As you’ll come to find out, we are highly skilled at handling your toughest jobs.  The job featured below is for a quarry MVP 280 cone crusher.  Machinery Maintenance undercut the worn areas, our fabrication shop did a submerged arc overlay, and finally the machine shop finished machining the cone crusher to the correct size.  This job was completed within 3 days, all under one roof. 

We have over 25,000 square feet of production area with crane capacity up to 30,000 pounds.  The expertise within our shop is unmatched in the industrial repair business.

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